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Lazy Sunday Dish


I would rather bite my tongue than say out loud, sometimes I don’t want to cook a fancy dish. Yes. A foodie cook who could easily eat a bowl of cereal with warm milk than actually think about what to make. That’s how I came up with this lazy Sunday dish. 

All you need is one steak, noodles, tomato, green pepper, garlic and onion. A dash or two of pepper, salt and curry. You start be flattening the steak and cutting it into squares. Season the steak then place in a hot pot with a bit of oil and add the garlic.  


You keep Turing the meat over in the pot until all pieces are completely brown. When all the meat is completely brown add three cups of water, the onion and green pepper slices and cover for ten minutes.  I like this dish spicy so I add hot sauce before covering. 


After cooking regular noodles according to package, place in a wok or frying pan and add 1/4 cup of kikkoman stir fry sauce. Be sure to turn the noodles over in the sauce completely coating them which should take about a minute or two. Be sure the heat on the pan or wok is low. You don’t want the noodle sticking.  

 The main items are cooked so all that’s left is plating your tasty dish and adding wedges f tomato’s. If I had done ripe avacado I would have place some slices as well. Easy, tasty lazy Sunday dish.