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MasterChef & Ice Cream


In the hours before the MasterChef 4 airing on Fox. I’ve been reading and writing on FaceBook with some of my fellow MC4 family. You hear the words, “we were like family,” “she/he was really nice,” when in reality “reality” it’s a bunch of bologna and not the good kind. In this incident I can actually say I’m in a circle of MC4 family. We continue to cheer each other on, salute success and lend a shoulder if needed. My time on MC4 is worth just meeting so many great and loud and sometimes quiet personalities. My life is richer thanks to it and my food presentation, combination and ideas receive a good old fashion kick in the pants.

When you watch the show premiering on Fox, Wednesday, May 22nd at 8pm. You will only see a snippet of what everyone had to deal with the day of competition. Trust me folks, it’s not as easy as it looks. During the competition no one was afraid to cheer on the cook on the hot stove. It was great being in an atmosphere of people who were going to give it there all and leave everything on the table. I know I did!


The top 100 cooks in the good old United States will be battling it out soon and many of us will be watching to see how it made it to the screen. Editing of course is taking place since they really can’t show all the hours of taping and all 100 cooks! I meet people from a professional acrobat to a fire thrower to even a robot maker. Talk about a cross-section of professions. The personalities were also as diverse. Some may think that all reality people are loud and pushy folks, not saying many aren’t, but they’re some quiet and thoughtful people in the mix as well. I don’t want to go in-depth about the show until it airs so that’s as much of a hint I will give out. I’m just glad the show is airing leading up to the Memorial Day weekend.

Part of my Memorial Day weekend celebration is going to include Graeter’s newest ice cream flavors at Giant Eagle in Wexford on May 25th. Why? Free tasting! Yes. I love getting free tasting of food! It allows me to decide if I want to purchase the item and provides a spring board of ideas on how to use it. I do wish it was sooner so I could eat some for my MasterChef watching. Oh well. Maybe next time. See you after the airing Thursday but remember to watch MasterChef 4 on Wednesday, May 22nd on Fox.