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What’s for Dinner


lamb dish

Sometimes I don’t know what to cook for dinner and not because I don’t have ideas but having too many. The editing process to limit what’s on the plate and create great flavors is frustrating. A strange way I curb the angst is to dream about the dishes. Somehow, in my sleep I can visualize the full plate and taste. Weird, I know.

The lamb with portabella mushrooms, multi-colored petite potatoes and cauliflower puree plate came to me in one of those dreams. Awake, in my kitchen, I was looking at all the starches and vegetables and couldn’t decide on the combination. Dreamland helped not just in plating but the cooking process as well. This dish is so easy to make and the clean up was a breeze.

Lamb is seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika and garlic with a bit of olive oil drizzled on top. The lamb is then placed into a deep dish with the multi-colored petite potatoes and cauliflower. Cover the dish and bake for at least an hour at 350-degrees, check the meat, flip and cook for another half-hour. Remove the cauliflower and place in blender or food processer with some water and a dash of salt and cumin. Blend until smooth. That’s it! A great dish with all the work being done in the oven.


This other dish – pan seared catfish with portabelle mushrooms and french style green beans was a no-brainer. Getting home after a long frustrating and tiring day this dish was an easy throw together then eat.

The catfish was simply seasoned with salt, pepper, dry parsley and curry then placed into a hot frying pan with a bit of olive oil. The mushrooms were cooked in the same pan while the french style green beans were cooked in a separate pot with a pat of butter and salt.

Healthy and filling meals.. no brainers or dream induced.. try and make it simple.