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cornish hen final

Sometimes it takes a good scare to move you in a different direction or motivate you to do better. I’ve had some scares over the years but tend to slide back into old habits for whatever reason. My latest scare last month of having chest pain is my latest wake-up call to stick with eating good food and exercising.

With that idea in mind I’ve been doing Bikram Yoga. Which is yoga done in a 105-degree room with slow and careful movements. My flexibility isn’t worth a darn! I don’t know what happened to my ability to touch my forehead onto my knees. Now, I’m lucky enough that I can bend over and grab my thighs. I’m determined to stick with this type of yoga for at least 40 days. I’ll let you know when I change to something different. What I will not do is stop working out. However, in fairness. I was doing well until the last cancer surgery, Achilles tendon hole in left foot and knee surgery on right leg.

Part of the doing well for my body thinking now. Is my plan to continue eating food that is cooked well, whether I cooked it or not. How many of us go out to eat and sometimes tolerate okay food? It’s not great, it doesn’t make your tongue sing or make you want to find the chef and get the recipe. Yet, we continue to eat it or worse bring it home because we don’t want to “waste” food. Hmm.

On Sunday, following three days of Bikram Yoga or hot yoga. I didn’t want to cook anything but I had to eat and I didn’t want to order out. So, a simple dish of Spanish Paprika Cornish Hen, corn and a mini corn bread. Now, some people may say or mumble it under their breath that I should have chosen a different vegetable. I like corn and it was quick and easy enough for me to get done.

cornish hen 2done

I did my Cornish hen in foil paper. I didn’t use a dish or oil. Just the Cornish hen seasoned with salt and pepper, oregano, parsley and spanish paprika. I also cooked the corn in foil in the oven but I made sure to place a shallow pan underneath to ensure if any juices escape the foil it doesn’t land inside my oven leaving a mess. In the last twenty minutes of the Cornish hen cooking I place the corn bread in to bake. I love these mini bread pans I found last year. I’ve used them to make mini cakes and block size brownies.

Since the Cornish hen is cooked within its own juices, there’s no added fat but tons of flavor with the seasonings. I use the birds own juices to baste it like a turkey and opened up the foil for the last 15 minutes to allow the bird to brown nicely. It was so tasty looking that I couldn’t wait to take the picture before taking a bite. So, I removed a wing and was happy with the moist and delicious taste. If I do say so myself, and I do.

Spring weather appears to finally have made an appearance and I’m going to do more light and easy dishes. Some from my homeland of St. Croix and my parents of Antigua. Hopefully, my mother won’t disagree too much with how I’ve changed up some of the family recipes.

Give the easy Spanish paprika Cornish hen, corn and corn bread a try. It’s so easy to make and tasty!