Though she has lived in Pittsburgh since she came here as an undergrad to study journalism at Point Park College (University), Olga George is an island woman at heart. It took some adjusting to the colder climate and being able to find the ingredients that make up the dishes that remind her most of her time growing up in the U.S. Virgin Islands but Olga has managed to do both. Proving that Pittsburgh is indeed fast becoming a diverse place of shared cultures. One example is her beloved “Salt Fish” which here in Pittsburgh is called Baccala and Italians love it, but so do Islanders and as Olga always says it is the seasoning that makes the dish your own.

She says the same is true of any human being. Born on the island of St. Croix, but her parents are from Antigua. Olga says that makes her half a garratt, a mixture that blends many cultures. She traces her own heritage to African, British, and Asian ancestors. With a name like Olga, she firmly embraces all the ingredients that make her who she is. That mix extends to her love of cooking as she uses just the right mix of fresh basic ingredients and the spices that bring out the flavors she so loves. That describes Olga, never overdone and seasoned just right.


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