Pan fried stuffed pork chop


I really enjoy eating a nicely seared piece of pork chop and stuffing them is so much fun. This time I wanted to try stuffing it like I do my green peppers and tomatoes.  Using brown rice, sausage and corn as the stuffing and a beautiful cut pork chop a beautiful dish was created. 

Now. You are probably wondering why an islander like me would be eating pork chops. Well. I enjoy sucking on and chewing the bone from the chop. It has received all of the nicely blend seasoning seared in just waiting to be released. 

Since I used a grain to stuff the chop, just springs of romaine lettuce drizzled with a bit of olive oil and sea salt completed the dish. The pan frying in low heat then stuffing with the delicious mixture before placing in the oven for ten minutes takes this mouth watering dish over the top if I do saw so myself. 

The stuffing mixture itself of sausage, corn and brown rice was so delicious that I ate a bowl of it just by itself.  So. Try it and judge for yourself. It’s so easy and so tasty. Enjoy. 



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