Love my Oven!


I can sing praise to my lovely oven day or night. It’s like my crock pot but bigger so I can stuff more stuff in. Don’t get me wrong, I love the convience that a crock pot provides in putting something in and not worrying that my house will burn down. As the warmer months start rolling in I will still use my oven since I don’t mind the heat. 

Here’s a stuffed Cornish hen dish that’s always a hit. The stuffing is a mixture of sweet & hot sausage with seasoned bread crumbs. The little hens are rubbed down in a curry heavy seasoning with garlic and Spanish onions sprinkled on top. In the racked pan I add carrots and chunks of green pepper along with more onion and two cups of water. 

No oil necessary since the cooking hens seasoned fat will drip into the water creating a very flavorful sauce.  


I do start off with a nice aluminum foil tent over the hens so they don’t dry out while quickly browning. I usually wait for the last twenty minutes and take the foil off allowing the hens to brown to perfection. I do spoon the sauce created in the bottom over them after removing the foil. 

In the end, you’ll have a easy tasty dish that’s as easy to make as well as clean up. I did make a tossed salad to offset the meaty dish but it goes well with rice or noddles!



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