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Pan fried stuffed pork chop


I really enjoy eating a nicely seared piece of pork chop and stuffing them is so much fun. This time I wanted to try stuffing it like I do my green peppers and tomatoes.  Using brown rice, sausage and corn as the stuffing and a beautiful cut pork chop a beautiful dish was created. 

Now. You are probably wondering why an islander like me would be eating pork chops. Well. I enjoy sucking on and chewing the bone from the chop. It has received all of the nicely blend seasoning seared in just waiting to be released. 

Since I used a grain to stuff the chop, just springs of romaine lettuce drizzled with a bit of olive oil and sea salt completed the dish. The pan frying in low heat then stuffing with the delicious mixture before placing in the oven for ten minutes takes this mouth watering dish over the top if I do saw so myself. 

The stuffing mixture itself of sausage, corn and brown rice was so delicious that I ate a bowl of it just by itself.  So. Try it and judge for yourself. It’s so easy and so tasty. Enjoy. 



Bills Burgers Down Right Delicious


Bills Burgers will be opening on April 22nd in the Westin Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh. It’s taking over the spot that once housed the Fish Market. At the tasting menu preview it was obvious that this would be an interesting place to eat and enjoy the warm and interesting atmosphere. 

President and C.E.O. James Gersten said “Pittsburgh has an amazing food scene and we have a great relationship with the hotel so it was easy to decide to open a place here.” Bills Burgers offers more than burgers and fries though those are quite delicious especially the award winning, Fat Cat Burger.  

Gersten points out the exceptional work by the in-house sushi chefs who make beautiful and tasty work. I tried several of the pieces including Bill’s Pittsburgh Roll that’s made with spicy tuna, eel, avocado, cucumber and eel sauce. It’s worth trying even if you are not a sushi fiend like I am.  


One of the very unique aspects of Bill’s is the relationship it has developed with many of the local businesses. You’ll find that connection on the menu with items such as the fickle and pickle dish, tart and of course Heniz products. 

Gersten says Bill’s Burger hopes to attract customers, “from the hotel guest, convention goers and definitely the loyal Pittsburgh customers” and he believes the quality and variety of the items will do the job. 

Besides the excellent sushi, burgers, shakes and fries are the down right delicious desserts. They are so worth the extra calories. They range from cherry pop tarts to warm and delicious cookies. 



One thing James Gersten wants Pittsburgers and visitors to know about Bill’s Burger is the local chef and management team commitment to making every visit the very best.  

Love my Oven!


I can sing praise to my lovely oven day or night. It’s like my crock pot but bigger so I can stuff more stuff in. Don’t get me wrong, I love the convience that a crock pot provides in putting something in and not worrying that my house will burn down. As the warmer months start rolling in I will still use my oven since I don’t mind the heat. 

Here’s a stuffed Cornish hen dish that’s always a hit. The stuffing is a mixture of sweet & hot sausage with seasoned bread crumbs. The little hens are rubbed down in a curry heavy seasoning with garlic and Spanish onions sprinkled on top. In the racked pan I add carrots and chunks of green pepper along with more onion and two cups of water. 

No oil necessary since the cooking hens seasoned fat will drip into the water creating a very flavorful sauce.  


I do start off with a nice aluminum foil tent over the hens so they don’t dry out while quickly browning. I usually wait for the last twenty minutes and take the foil off allowing the hens to brown to perfection. I do spoon the sauce created in the bottom over them after removing the foil. 

In the end, you’ll have a easy tasty dish that’s as easy to make as well as clean up. I did make a tossed salad to offset the meaty dish but it goes well with rice or noddles!