The Sauce is It


I usually do my experimental cooking and meal planning during the weekend. A couple of weeks ago, a good friend asked if I knew any good mustard sauce recipes and of course I did. She wanted it but didn’t want to make it herself so I made her a large jar of my dark flavored layered sauce which she bows put on everything. 

This sauce calls for cumin, ground mustard powder, salt, sugar, pepper, paprika and curry along with a bit of olive oil, water and cayenne pepper. 

In a bowl I add all the dry ingredients with some water. Then in a small sauce pan add the olive oil, turn the heat low and slowly add the mixture turning frequently to prevent lumps and burning the sauce. When all the seasoned water mixture is in, take a taste to see if you need to add any of the dry seasonings ntil you get the flavoring that you like. 

Sometimes in the mixing process I will add a bit of vingear and hot sauce along with jam or honey depending on my mood. Enjoy.    





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