Pork On Pork


A good friend of mine had a large roasted pig at his birthday party that was stuffed with all pork meat products! Spicy sausages, pulled pork, links, you name it – it was in there. It was so tasty that I figured it should taste just great on a smaller scale. 

I love bone in pork chops because I do enjoy sucking on the bone to get to that baked in or fried flavors and seasoning. These were nicely butterfly, seasoned and stuffed with the bacon before being wrapped in bacon. No oil was used since the bacon and the pork chop fat were all the oil needed. 

When I make pork chops I have a habit of putting it with red beans rice but figured I would do a twist on a risotto. Balsamic creamy risotto had just the right amount of smoothness and bite to go with the pork chop. Add in some corn and slices of avocado and you have a colorful, delicious plate of food. 

Experiment with different types of bacon as well as seasoning combinations to make this wonderful combination your own. 


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