Pot Roast Steak


There’s nothing my dad use to love more than a good piece of nicely cooked steak. Even when he got older and should have avoided the steak he would still gum it down. So when I cooked his steak it was always full of flavor. I would change up the seasoning and cooking style just to surprise him. I did this recipe in his honor. 

Pot Roast Steak is cooking the steak as though it’s a pot roast. You’ll need two 3/4 inch steaks, eight pieces of pepper bacon, nine small red skin potatoes, three handful of baby carrots, half small Spanish onion, half green pepper and five garlic cloves. Seasoning consists of salt (just three pinches), pepper, paprika and ground cumin. Combine the dry ingredients in a small container so you can season the steaks completely. In an oven pan (regular or foil) place at least five pieces of pepper bacon. Then directly on top place the slice in half red potatoes and baby carrots. 

 Cover the vegetables with the seasoned steak then place the three remains steaks on top with one on each side and one down the center. Then place the sliced separated onion pieces sprinkled on top and to the side along with the chopped green pepper and the finely chopped garlic cloves. Tent with aluminum foil and place in a 450-degree oven for about an hour and 20 minutes.

The bacon and covered steak will provide the steak dressing and the veggies will have that delicious pepper bacon flavoring. Of course, you will want to eat the bacon as well. The fun part of this dish is you don’t have to use any oil and it’s really hard to mess up. I got my steak and peppered bacon from Cheplic’s a family of local butchers. All of their meat is home grown and trust me, you can tell the difference when you chow down. Here’s Cheplic’s website: http://www.cheplic.com and they did not ask me for any endorsement and I purchased my meat. 


Now, you may be wondering what an island girl like me would know about a great cut of meat. Well. My family would get fresh meat during the holiday season so that would mean butchering a cow, pig or goat. The freezer would be stacked for days with tasty meat. No dyes, forced feed, tough meat for us and when we had to go back to supermarket meats at times. The difference was easy enough to taste and see. So give the local butchers a chance and let your taste bud direct you. 

Happy eating! 


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