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Healthy Heart Good Eating


How many times have you heard, “You are what you eat!” Yet continue to put food on your plate and in your mouth that taste so good but is not even a bit good for you. Sometimes your brain will say healthy for the heart equals cardboard tasting on the tongue. Good food doesn’t mean a lack of flavor or seasoning.

My kidney beans and corn rice seasoned with turmeric, paprika, lemon pepper, garlic and basil. You will not miss the salt and your taste buds will rejoice. I grew up eating Uncle Ben’s rice in the islands so I used that brand of rice for this dish.

Start by dicing two cloves of garlic and place in a Dutch pot with about 1/4 teaspoon of olive oil until the garlic aroma is released. Then add five cups of warm water and bring to boil. When the water is boiling add all of the dry ingredients about an 1/8 tablespoon of each stir in three cups of rice. Then add the can kidney beans and corn after rinsed off. Turn the heat down to medium, cook until liquid is gone. Stir occasionally to prevent burning and sticking.


If you use dry beans, you will need to soak overnight and can cook these first for about 45 minutes. Drain off the liquid, leaving the beans add the dice garlic and olive oil. Add warm water when you smell the garlic aroma.

You can also check out the American Heart Association kidney beans rice and corn on the cob recipe at this link: