Cool Beans


Image Following one of my regular check-ups for my diabetes I received the news that it’s not under control as it should be and I’ve gained some weight. If you’re wondering, weight gain for a person whose a diabetic and on medication, a little weight gain can and will throw your body rhythm off. Which then raises the sugar numbers, which then causes other complications that your doctor would like to prevent. So, it’s no cheating time and back to what got my numbers down , steady and good in the first place.

Eating healthy and having fun, delicious meals are not opposite ends of the spectrum. Growing up in the islands my parents used a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in such a manner that the plates were eaten clean. I remember my little sister, Maggie, use to hate eating beans until I told her they would grow her boobs! Well. She ate them and now let’s just say she’s not in the itty-bitty committee.

In honor of my sister and my folks I created this cool bean salad that can be eaten at any time. The first time I made it I did pair it with a tasty steak but for me it’s worthwhile just eating by itself. The beans provide the protein, fruit gives you something sweet and vegetables round out the dish.

My cool bean salad consist of red and black beans, tomatoes, corn, garlic and onions. You can use canned or fresh beans, be sure to rinse off the beans if you use the ones from the can. If you are using the dry beans, be sure to soak them overnight and cook them until tender but not mash potato consistence. While the beans are cooking saute some onions and garlic with salt, paprika, pepper and oregano.

After you’ve cooked the beans drain, rinse and cool and place into a bowl adding the fresh tomatoes dice into cubes and corn. Last but not least add the cube mangos with the room temperature seasoned onions. Mix well. Taste the mixture to see if it has the level of flavor you wish. I like a bit more heat, so I always add a tad more finely black ground pepper to the bowl.

It’s so easy and tasty. Enjoy!


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