Yoga for cooking!



As much as I love cooking sometimes like family members and friends. It really stresses me out! I am very happy to report – yoga to the rescue! I’ve found thinking and behaving in a yoga way has allowed me to slow down in kitchen and really see, taste and feel what I’m doing. Have you ever struggled with a recipe and can’t figure out why it’s not working? In the past, this use to have me ready to break crockery and sharpen knives. The recipe even chased me in my sleep as I dreamed about what I did or did not do. Now, thanks to my yoga classes I can slow down my mind in the moment and just let it be.

After talking with my daddy I realized I’ve forgotten one of the first things he showed me in the kitchen and that’s to relax and not worry so much about getting everything PERFECT! I’m not sure but maybe I have a type A-personality but I want my dishes to be just right in flavor and look. I want everyone to enjoy every bite and forget whatever was bothering them for that moment. Dad reminded me not everyone is going to like my way of cooking meals. Maybe too spicy, hot in flavor, not pretty on the plate, whatever they believe but it’s their right not to like what ever they’re eating. It’s their taste buds after all.

Yoga is helping me accept that I’m not going to please everyone. It’s bringing an awareness to me that sometimes individuals have misconceptions of what Island food is all about and how it should be prepared. They may even have their own fears of trying something that’s too “exotic.” What it is really folks is simply eating items that you’re not use to eating growing up.  Yoga right now to me is like excercise for the taste buds.

Now, let me get into my standing tree with pot spoon in hand!


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