Enjoy the Simple Things


Whirl Magazine

I enjoy essential oils! Did I say enjoy, make that love essential oils! Their pure essence makes it possible to heal and cure the body of ailments. Bring wondrous scents to living space and uplift a dish. Though, I knew some of the oils needed to make a dish blaze like sun through a fog. I wasn’t exactly sure about the usage amount for many of the oils and there’s nothing worse than putting too much in a dish, ruining the taste for all time.

So I was greatly surprised when Whirl Magazine provided a contest to win the “Everyday Cooking with Essential Oils,” cookbook on their website and I won! Now the first thing I tried out was the Red Sangria mixture.

I had visited a Spanish restaurant in Cleveland last year were I enjoyed the most delicious red sangria! It was so good, I had more than one tasty glass full. When I asked the server she told me an essential oil was used but she couldn’t tell me which one. No bother now because I have my book and will be making my own.

Now, the book calls for lemon and lime essential oil to be used along with the other ingredients such as brandy, rum and red burgundy. I usually add extracts but the oil provided a different overall taste. Now, don’t make the mistake I did with my first batch thinking if a couple of drops are good, a couple more will not hurt. Uhm! Yes, it will change the taste to something you do not want in your mouth.

This was my mistake again while making the red pepper dip and pineapple orange sauce. Yuck! I will try both again and stick with the recipe amounts until I get a better hang of what to do.

Here’s the thing. If you don’t make mistakes or try to figure out things for yourself along the way, no way will you grow as a cook. Part of the fun and journey is making mistakes but the other part is having chefs, cooks and cookbooks pointing you onto a path to try.

Here’s to tasty and happy mistakes.


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