Spring is for new Beginnings!


ImageSpring is the time many of us start cleaning up our homes and set new goals, forget New Years since too many of us are having to good of a time to remember what we promised ourselves. In 2012 I was geared to do a lot of blogging about one of my favorite past time: cooking! However, nature had something else in store for me. Just days after posting my second blog page I was hit by my doctor that I had thyroid cancer. If you must get a cancer, the doctors told me, thyroid is the one to get since the cure rates are just about 99-percent. The bad news was this was my third cancer! Not many people have three cancers and beat them all back. So, not very good news. Then to round out my fun-filled year, I fell at work tearing my right knee and achilles tendon on my left foot. Talk about going out with a bang! I still shoulder on and found moments of spirit lifting cooking in the kitchen.

Throughout everything I went through in 2012, I think it was in preparation for my next steps in 2013. During the last months of 2012, I tried something I always said I was going to do and I wasn’t going to let a cancer, a wobble knee or pained ankle get in the way. I’ll tell everyone about that adventure in a later post.

Sometimes change comes about after you push through things that are scary and hard and even embarrassing. Cooking is like Spring. Awesome changes that move you out of your element, force you to try something new and yes even fall flat in embarrassment when it doesn’t work out. But, you know like Spring, it shines on those bright moments letting you know that you’re alive. Time to learn and grow and move on.

So, here’s to new posts about my cooking adventures and how 2012 helped shape me into a better cook! Happy eating!


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